Uramado is a treasure hunt route in augmented reality by Julie Stephen Chheng. It tells the story of Tanukis which are spirits of the forest waking up in the city. Animals are placed in different places of the appointed area, outside and inside, more or less hidden, in different sizes (up to 4 meters).

The participants are invited to download the free app Uramado AR, Tanukis awake ( on IOS and Android ) to start this treasure hunt. As the stickers are discovered one by one, the spirits come to life, bewildered, and ask questions to the participant. According to the reply given, the participant will discover at the end of the route that he himself is a spirit and will get to leave the game with his own colourful mask in augmented reality.

Uramado invites the audience to question our differences and our own reality in a poetic and playful way. A workshop of augmented reality MASK AND STICKER accompanies the treasure hunt.

More information on Uramado website

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