Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes shows different animals observing the viewer, expressing themselves through bubbles of texts. Their looks and their thoughts change in regards to the angle where the viewer is situated. Using an ancient printing technique, Julie Stephen Chheng proposes a new form of mural in which the elements are animated according to the movement of… Read More

Fenêtres de Papier – Hermès

Paper Windows is a series of 18 windows displays for Hermes in Tokyo. The idea is to produce media art that utilizes technology to highlight the value of the analog. For this exhibition they have created a three-dimensional dollhouse using Bis Repetita, the new Hermès autumn/winter 2017 origami and wrapping paper. When you look through… Read More

Uramado AR

Uramado is a treasure hunt route in augmented reality by Julie Stephen Chheng. It tells the story of Tanukis which are spirits of the forest waking up in the city. Animals are placed in different places of the appointed area, outside and inside, more or less hidden, in different sizes (up to 4 meters). The… Read More