Cyclops and Sirens – Hermès

The autumn window display at the Hermès Maison in Shanghai is a theatrical stage in the downtown area. Poetic, innovative and mesmerizing, this season’s annual theme – “An Odyssey” – is conveyed through paper artworks designed by French designer, illustrator and author Julie Stephen Chheng. The window space features elements of traditional Chinese paper art,… Read More

Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes shows different animals observing the viewer, expressing themselves through bubbles of texts. Their looks and their thoughts change in regards to the angle where the viewer is situated. Using an ancient printing technique, Julie Stephen Chheng proposes a new form of mural in which the elements are animated according to the movement of… Read More

Frog’s Game

The frog’s game is a serie of illustrations for the French Institute that illustrate the expressions of all over the world. Frog’s game, French Institute, 2019 More information on Frog’s game website  

the Sailors

The sailors is an animation short film with Julien and Jonathan Chheng in development produce by Agat Films/ Ex Nihilo. The story tells the adventures of Joe, an impulsive child who tries to re-capture hurtful words that he told to a little girl, much to his regret. In the center of a big storm that… Read More

the Unfolds

The more you unfold the book, the more the space of the story expands. Little by little, you will discover a cinema chair, an unlucky thief, the love bathroom, paper planes and a naked football fan… to end on a whole cinema, buildings, a beach and a football field. The Party, The Cinema, The Thief,… Read More


Labyrinth is a combinatorial book in collaboration with Volumique Studio which offers an infinite potential of stories. Starting from the cube, the object transforms itself into volume through little pop-ups as well in a space deployment, to finish in a landscape. Labyrinth, Volumique, 2013 Click here to see the Labyrinth Video