Balloon is a book and an application in collaboration with Studio Volumique which tells the adventures of a little balloon. At the end of the book, the reader will find a little balloon in paper to put on the iPad. The adventure continues on screen. With his finger, the reader plays the role of the… Read More

the Adventures of a Village

Inspired by the books of random-reading and books in which you are the hero, The Adventures of A Village is a book that offers several possible stories. According to the fold you choose, the image is changed and so is the story. There are altogether 8 narrative possibilities, with always the theme of a certain… Read More

Poemes in Pieces

A game book which combines spatial construction with the construction of stories. Inside the box, you will find cards to unfold with all the pieces of an apartment : the living room with a round table, the bathroom with a bathtub or the bedroom with a red bed. Once the pieces are put together, a… Read More

Animated Chronicles

Animated Chronicles is a series of 20 illustrations that come alive in augmented reality, revealing different aspects of the daily life in Japan by Thomas Pons and adapt in AR by Julie Stephen Chheng. Realized like a diary throughout their residency at Villa Kujoyama in 2016 in Kyoto, these animated notes tell about different themes… Read More


MovingMasks is a collection of augmented reality masks with the app MovingCards. A way of rediscovering the games in our youth with pop and colorful masks and to question the facial filters of our social media. These six masks correspond to six characters: the Diva, the Bear, the King, the Bird, the Owl and the… Read More